I’m Christophe, a 23 year old four-fingered computer science addict. I’ve decided to create this blog to be a part of “you guys”, I guess. I like helping people out with coding problems, and I like to be helped out too. The feeling when you get past that piece of code you just couldn’t wrap your head around or just couldn’t get right is just why I like programming. Continuously trying to make things work is what keeps me going.

Now and then I find myself stuck on something and I turn to Google for help almost instantly. This might be a bad habit, but as a teacher once told me (he might have quoted somebody else), “you should not memorize what is already written down”. There, I said it, I’m lazy with remembering things! 🙂 This way of gathering information is, in my opinion, more efficient than the classic way of studying, gather a certain amount of information about a subject before applying the knowledge. Well, I like to get my hands dirty from the very start. This is why I always end up Googling questions that could start with “how do I “. Thanks to the vast amount of information out there on the web, the continuously growing number of people who want to learn to program, the evolution of RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools, there are so many people trying similar things, and most of these barriers you are trying to break have been broken before. That’s why I believe that, for beginning programmers simple snippets and micro-tutorials are a good way of getting your hands dirty from the beginning. This does not exclude reading a (be it a digital one) proper book on programming techniques, or reading articles like this,  but from the pro dudes 🙂

So far my first post! Leave a comment if you feel like doing so!